11 Jan 2019
Product Design: When directors were choosing a packaging design…

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How did it happen?
The marketing director received new packaging designs from a creative agency. At the morning meeting the managing director looked over the new designs. He did not like any of them. Neither of the directors were prepared to change their point of view and the discussion came to an end. Yet the decision still had to be made before dawn. To resolve the argument the marketing director suggested using the Product Design test on the Fastuna platform.
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Solution and results
  • Current and suggested designs tested
  • Results received in 5 hours
  • New designs outperformed the current one
  • Higher purchase intent with new packaging and current price
  • The best design identified amongst the new ones
What happened next?
The marketing director brought the results to the attention of the managing director on the same day after lunch. He showed the best design as perceived by consumers. He recommended it for the launch and explained his view. The directors shook hands and made a decision to launch the new designs right away.

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