16 Jan 2019
Product Idea: When a manager’s idea went viral in the company…
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How did it happen?
A development manager came up with an idea for a new service. She discussed it internally but it gained no traction. There were doubts concerning its potential level of demand and barriers around implementation. Nonetheless the manager saw its potential. She just lacked proof. She reworked the idea, simplified the implementation requirements and ran a test via the Fastuna platform using the Product Idea solution.
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Solution and results
  • One idea tested
  • Results received in 3 hours
  • Idea scored very high
  • Over 90% of people wanted to try the service or tell their friends about it
  • Plenty of positive responses and additional ideas on how to make the service even better
What happened next?
The next morning she presented the idea to the directors. She was feeling good and fully confident in her idea. Her presentation was inspiring, supported by high scores and enthusiastic quotes. Everybody bought into the idea and the decision to start developing the new service was made instantly. Her colleagues could now envisage ways around those same barriers which were raised during the initial discussion.

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