18 Jan 2019
Promo Idea: Failed promotion and an unexpected turn.
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How did it happen?
An advertising manager received some creative ideas for an ad promotion. Only one had to be chosen. The options were rather standard and lacking significant differences while the decision had to be made within a couple of days. The manager decided to test the options via the Fastuna platform using the Promo Idea solution.
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Solution and results
  • 5 promo ideas tested
  • Results Received in 4 hours
  • Leading idea identified
  • But the scores were low
  • Enough comments indicating promo drawbacks
What happened next?
The manager discussed the results with the head of marketing. He found the results a little unexpected. A decision had to be made so during a meeting one idea was selected for the launch. However, it was also agreed to hold a creative workshop and develop new ideas which could improve attractiveness and double participation. A doubling of participation being the exact level of potential revealed by the research.

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