15 Apr 2019
Rank it: Brainstorming and making decisions in one go.
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How did it happen?
A creative director was working on a project for a large client. Several promo ideas were required. The team brainstorm was fruitful producing 10 interesting ideas. However, only the three most promising ones had to be selected for further development. The team uploaded their ideas to the Fastuna platform using the Rate It solution.
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Solution and results
  • 10 promo ideas tested
  • Results received in 2 hours
  • Leading ideas identified
  • Obtained consumer feedback on leading ideas
What happened next?
Results were ready the same day after lunch. The team quickly selected the best options and discussed ways of further development based on consumer feedback. The finalised ideas along with the test results were presented to the client the day after. The discussion went smoothly as the choices were supported by consumer opinion. The client was very satisfied and the agency continued working on the shortlisted options.

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